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Our Story

The original founder of one of the largest roof top tent (RTT) companies in the nation also founded Free Spirit Recreation May 2014 in Bend, Oregon. The creation of Free Spirit Recreation allowed us to go beyond the standard roof top tents and create, completely distinct overlanding innovations. Industry leading roof top tent materials, unique axle-less and unibody trailers and one of a kind overlanding gear has become, our focus. We are excited to share all of it with our customers who love to camp as much as we do!

Brannon was born and raised in Oregon. Raised on a farm the oldest of six kids, he knows how to work! He grew up down the road from his Grandpa who took him hunting and fishing every chance he got. His Grandpa was a gunnery instructor in WWII and could shoot anything that flew! Brannon learned early to love the outdoors with his father who can still be found knee deep in water somewhere in Idaho fishing as much as possible. Brannon and his wife of 28 years have four amazing, active, outdoors loving kids who can’t wait to get their hands on a tent that’s off the ground! Wet sleeping bags are the worst!

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