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FSR ReadyLight

5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
3 reviews


readylight portable lights gofsr ReadyLights™ sturdy, all-in-one design equips you with powerful lighting on demand. With three ways to charge, detachable lights, durable materials and intelligent engineering, you’ll be able to see when you need to, where you need to. THE ALL NEW  DESERT SAND COLOR NOW AVAILABLE!  

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3 reviews for FSR ReadyLight

  1. 5 out of 5

    The mini pods – Wow. This lighting system is a true essential piece of gear. We’ve taken it on a few overloading trips and it has been invaluable. If you are used to using a lantern when you go camping and are thinking of upgrading, it is worth it.

    The convenience of having this unit being solar power was great. It was one of the first things we set up when we got to basecamp, to allow it to max out before it got too dark. Thought it comes with ground stakes, we decided it would be more practical to keep it mobile and be able to move it around as out needs at camp changed. That was a great idea. The mini-pods really make this system. We set up the pods strategically around camp (inside the tent next to the exit and newt to our sleeping bags, etc.) and it allowed us to manouver around in the dark easily. The light emitted from one little handheld pod was very impressive. Walking out of your tend in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and not knowing what is around you is always an uneasy feeling. But, the amount of light projection that one pod produces both forward path and width span, was incredible. The thought behind the engineering of this system is clearly seen and felt in the product. Great job, GoFSR! You nailed it with this system.

    If you want to see more of the unit, feel free to head over to YouTube as we produced a video over this ReadyLight and its features! https://youtu.be/r5iBHDWX8H4

  2. 5 out of 5

    First let me say that the FSR Ready Light is without a doubt the absolute BEST camp light that I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen plenty. As the Founder and President of Jeep Expeditions, the #1 Jeep Adventure Club in the country, I’ve either used or seen just about every camp light ever made.

    In my Overland Jeep travels since 2006, there just hasn’t been any light or light system that remotely compares to the FSR Ready Light. As a Contributing Editor for JPFreek Adventure Magazine, I’ve had the opportunity to see, touch and use just about every LED light and system for camp use in the last 10 years and don’t know of any equal.

    Over the years I’ve seen camp lighting from various companies showing their products at prestigious shows such as the Outdoor Market, Overland Expo, SEMA Show, RV and Camping shows and others. Some of these lights or systems peaked my interest so much I actually got some of what I considered the best and yet none of them in my opinion come close to the FSR Ready Light. Dollar to dollar this light holds its on and even bests those high end lights costing twice as much as the FSR Ready Light.

    Now unless you are a hiking camper, the Ready Light is fairly compact and portable in your Jeep or other vehicle. The materials and construction design make it both lightweight and heavy duty. It looks great and gives an image of high tech when set up at camp. Both the integrated solar panels-charging unit/lighting unit along with the tripod base have their own heavy duty protective covers ready for travel.

    Ok, so it looks great and it’s built well. How does it perform? As you probably know by my enthusiasm so far, just as good as it looks! The first time I used it at a three day camp, people were amazed a the features and how much light it emitted. Lanterns just do not compare to the Ready Light. From its four removable POD lights to it’s fixed main light, we used this amazing unit to light up our cooking station, picnic table and then our campfire for several hours (close to six hours total) before we called it a night. How bright it is ? Recently we had some campers fifty yards away from us ask us to turn it down a bit (used to light up our camp site) as they could not see the stars. That’s bright !

    The POD lights are removable, have a strong magnet on the back and a hook that swings out to hang them in your tent or elsewhere. With four removable POD lights, there is a light for everyone in the average family. Use them as personal flashlights or even emergency beacons. Even with all four of them removed, the main light still gives off more than sufficient light for your camp. As an added bonus, the POD lights and main light both have a hi-low power feature.

    As for charging, I set it up when we first arrive at camp to let the late afternoon sun charge it up and it’s ready for the night. It’s very efficient as I’ve not run out of power for the lights any night yet. You can also charge it via 110v or 12v if necessary and when charged it’s powerful lithium ion battery can also use to charge your personal electronics.

    As for longevity, the FSR Ready Light has continued to provide me with the same great performance since day one and for over 30,000 trip miles in 2017. I have no doubt that it will continue to give me great performance in 2018 and beyond.

    For less than the price of an average tire on your Jeep, you can own the best, the FSR Ready Light.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I own several lights with various sources of power; white gas, propane, isobutane, battery. Out of all of them this light beats the whole lot hands down. I saw one in a YouTube video and asked the publisher what it was and where he had got it, my first impression was that it was a piece of military gear. He told me about FSR and that they were in Oregon. I instantly wanted one and immediately looked to purchase it. They are basically sold out everywhere but I found mine on eBay. It’s an expensive piece of gear but the functionality and practicality of this light is something I would have paid more for after my own testing and evaluation. I’m glad I bought it, and might even buy a second one so I can use the lights as a perimeter screen for my campsite. Truly an excellent product that is worth the price. My only wish is that I had learned about it earlier.

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